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The seller`s position was that he was ready, willing and able to close, but that the buyer failed to pay the rest of the purchase price or execute the closing documents. The seller also submitted that the buyer then refused the contract and that the seller had the right to terminate the contract and withhold the down payment. In Ontario, a down payment is usually paid by cheque or certified payment instruction. Depending on the wording of the domestic inspection clause you sign, if you do not waive or meet the home inspection requirement during the specified period (z.B 3 days), you will probably receive your deposit. My husband and I signed a non-waiver form because the house on which we posted bail is on a wooden foundation and not on concrete, as advertised in the list, as the inspector told us. We asked to get the deposit back and it was said by law that the investment fund will keep the money for 10 business days before it is released. My real estate agent`s company only owns them for 5 working days. Why did they set our deposit check for 10 long days? The risk of offering a lower deposit than expected is that it will be refused by the seller and makes you appear as an unser serious buyer or worse as a financial risk. A down payment is applied to the buyer`s closing fee and is part of the purchase price at the conclusion. So if a buyer paid $800,000 for a home and deposited a down payment of $40,000, that amount – any additional down payment – mortgage money by the lender will be made available to the seller (minus expenses and adjustments). If you are at war bidding, the size of your deposit will certainly be one of the factors taken into account, and I have seen that sellers accept a lower price for a higher deposit. Sometimes, in the wrath of a bidding war, a buyer pays more than expected and wakes up the next day with regret.

If the offer was fixed (i.e. there were no conditions such as financing or home inspection), they must make the purchase and pay a deposit. Agreements in Ontario are locked up and binding, and no down payment under the agreement could be sued. My daughter and I own a house that we had to put on the market. We received an offer with some conditions, but before the conditions were met, the buyer was also withdrawn by accepting an offer with a down payment of 30k and her. Four people brought the house, but one was not there at the time, four days later the fourth person competed through the house and said it would not be separated from the purchase that the other three then withdrew. There was no mention of a condition involving acceptance by the fourth person… Are there any effects that come back to us? In the event of a breach of a purchase and sale agreement, the parties must carefully assess the contractual terms and their current behaviour in order to understand what obligations remain or not and what options they have.