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We, the lawyers of the ID Law Office, believe that our extensive experience allows us to consult with you and represent you in a way that protects your interests, because regardless of the reciprocal divorce agreement, the interests of both parties are very often diametrically opposed. Since the court decision on divorce cannot be appealed, we recommend that each party hire its own lawyer in divorce proceedings. In some situations, the parties may decide to give their marriage another chance and resolve their marriage. While waiting, the parties may sometimes be able to reconcile and make their relationship work. In obtaining a divorce by mutual consent, both spouses are required to resolve the custody issue. After six months, the parties must again answer for their actions in court to make a second application confirming the mutual consent that was previously filed. It is only after this second application that a divorce decision will be made by the court. If the parties are still unable to live together after the cooling, the divorce application is adopted by the district judge. (i) the application for divorce must be filed with the District Court; You and your spouse should check whether you both accept the terms of the agreement that are included in this document (that your divorce will certainly be unchallenged); this adoption, as well as your signatures, will make the agreement legitimately binding. Have you and your spouse found that it`s time to call it over? As you may know, divorce is not always easy, but partners can make it a little easier by seeking divorce with the agreement of both parties. If your case is qualified for this deposit, you and your spouse can save time and energy during the divorce process.

Here`s what this type of divorce means: According to the Indian legal system, divorce proceedings begin in principle with filing for divorce. “13-B. Divorce by mutual agreement. – (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, an application to dissolve the marriage by divorce decree may be submitted jointly to the district court by both parties to the marriage, whether that marriage was celebrated before or after the beginning of the Marriage Act (Amendment Act) of 1976 on the grounds that they have been living apart for a year or more. to live together and to have agreed that the marriage should be dissolved.