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According to IATA rules, it is also quite possible that airlines will be interline on one line and not at all on another interline or at “reasonable” fares on one line and only at full fare on another. Does anyone have a link to a list of British Airways partners? Johannesburg: and British Airways, both operated by Comair Limited, today announced an interline agreement that will provide customers with more comfort. Customers who choose separate tickets: separate contracts for each ticket. The registration does not allow you to accept (see oneWorld agreement below). Each ticket can apply a different amount of luggage. Disruption policies only apply to tickets with disrupted flights. If an Interline agreement is in effect for passengers, it is possible to book via tickets and check luggage until the end. This does not mean that it will be easy to reserve the cards. If the two airlines concerned want the agreement to apply only in an emergency, they establish the reservation system so that instead of grouping the lowest available fares to deduct the transit fare, they use the full fares. Experflyer has a free test subscription, if you invest a little time, you can get the Interline list yourself from there. Even the best business travel professionals will make the GDS simple for the necessary trip according to the authorities, instead of working backwards from a list. If the airline combination is possible on a transit ticket because there is an Interline agreement, it is displayed on an incredibly long list, which can be sorted in different ways.

British Airways now offers interline e-ticketing (IET) with all other members of the oneworld allianceā„¢ after joining Cathay Pacific. “kulula`s mission is to continually improve its product offering and customer experience. This agreement will provide our growing customers with additional choice, an optimized booking process and more comfort,” said Erik Venter, Comair Limited CEO. As proposed in the USBT article, you can do this yourself by searching for flights on EF or KVS that, in turn, go directly through a GDS, or using the website of an online travel agency like Expedia. If the combination of BA and the other airline appears on one line, there is an Interline agreement for this. And if you check that a route can be booked as an itinerary (with protected connections) on a third-party site, then the answer is yes, unless you use (the only book that paves unprotected connections).