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The termination of the research and development agreement before the fixed end date may be indicated, as can the conditions under which the contract may be terminated. It is possible that a key personnel member of a party may withdraw or not be able to continue and the replacement may not be satisfactory. Each party is not able to fulfill one or more of its obligations under the (standard) contract. Funding may be suspended. Guarantees and compensation clauses are common in research and development agreements to protect each party. The parties can guarantee that all IP addresses they bring to the project are owned or granted by the party and do not violate the rights of others. Liability limits are described, as well as a clause that frees the college from potential damage caused by the project. Harvard OTD establishes dozens of successful collaborations between scientists and industry partners each year. It is an agreement on equal cooperation between the parties in the field of research and development. It is part of the group called horizontal agreement and has specific eu/EEA legislation. Financial provisions and in-kind contributions should be clearly defined in the R and D or, if necessary, in a separate agreement.

This section should indicate the financial contribution of the industrial partner, the contributions of external partners, how invoices are to be paid and how to pay. Some agreements specify whether and how changes should be made to the research and development agreement. Every business is unique. That`s why OTD`s team of scientific and economic experts will work to understand your interests and quickly develop a proposal that meets your needs. To get an idea of how we work, read the following examples of agreements. A dispute resolution procedure can be described in the research and development agreement. The official title of the project, as it appears in other documents, is indicated. The project identifies the scope of the project, the lead investigator, others who would be involved in the project, the expected results of the project and the expected timelines. A project work plan and budget can be included in the annexes or incorporated into the contract text. The start and end dates of the project are determined, the funds made available by each party and the possible contributions of the parties.

It is possible to develop an agreement on more than one project; such a document is essentially a cooperation agreement between the parties. The joint agreement of R and D may be subject to competition rules. The European Commission and other EU/EEA institutions are encouraging research and development D by providing for exemptions from strict competition rules in a category exemption regulation.