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A counselling contract is a mutual agreement negotiated between the therapist and the client. A contract highlights the rights and obligations that both parties wish to respect in the processing. The award of contracts also ensures that the consultation process is conducted in an efficient and safe manner and provides, as a written document, the necessary space for legal intervention if the responsibilities described above are not fulfilled (Beahrs and Gutheil 2001). Often, clients need specific contracts that go beyond mere informed consent and raise complex issues or ethical concerns that may influence the therapeutic process. Each practitioner should assess the situation and context of a contract when determining its use in treatment. There is no confidentiality agreement between me and everyone in the couple. If a partner reveals information to me, if they are not in the presence of the other partner, I can share this information during the couple`s therapy session. Please do not arrive early to your appointment, as there is no waiting room in the center and I need enough time to clean, wash and prepare the room. There has been a lot of debate between psychotherapists and health professionals about the usefulness of contracts. Some consider contracts to be restrictive for the therapeutic process. If we decide to continue, I will work with you for 90 minutes. I ask you to attend the sessions every two weeks and to book all six sessions in advance so that you are guaranteed a place.

Each session is charged at £180. If any of us cannot attend a personal session due to Covid, the appointment will be held online and a cancellation fee will continue to be incurred. Please bring a drink or water in bottles (if needed), tissues and hand sanitizers and take the garbage away at the end of your session. I ask you to let me know 72 hours in advance if you need to cancel. If it takes less than 72 hours, I charge you the full amount of my fee. I will encourage to participate in the weekend couples workshop “Getting The Love You Want”. I think this workshop, which costs £550 for both of you, is worth seven months of therapy. The workshop is designed to protect your privacy as a couple and, therefore, you carry out the processes and you are not invited to share the details of your relationship.

The workshop is more informative than therapeutic. It`s about building skills and learning communication. Track and Trace – to respect your privacy, I will contact you directly if I am warned as a risk. I ask you to do the same if you are flagged as a risk, as this speeds things up and reduces the potential risk to other clients. In any case, send my details to the NHS. Bathrooms are currently unavailable. There is no waiting room. This information is valid if you decide on a personal meeting with me. You don`t have to and you can work on Zoom at any time.

As this is the work of a couple, I will only see you individually if it is absolutely necessary, and it is a decision that we will make together. If we have a couple meeting and only one of you shows up, I will not see you and I will charge you for the session. In this sense, I ask you to give me permission to record all the sessions on video. These are only seen by my boss and help me to be the best therapist possible for you. .