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You know, senator, what worries me is not disagreements on issues — to say I`d rather do it, I don`t agree with the president, to call him weak, to call him a disappointment, to call several times that he should have a main opponent when he ran for re-election in 2012, you know, I think it goes further than saying that we have our differences. It is this oil that makes bananas disagree with some people. He seemed to think you had some kind of argument or disagreement, you know. The main points of disagreement were the root causes. 3″There was disagreement between the results of the two evaluations” 1 ” At the conference, there was disagreement about possible solutions ” I think two things are true. Inequality is sharply contrasted between things; There may be a difference between those that are almost identical. There is a lag in the accounts that cannot be cleared. diversity includes more than two objects; thus, in general, diversity; Variation is a difference in the condition or action of the same object at different times….