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“In this case, we had interviews with Mr. Hudson`s landlord and reminded them of the terms of the lease agreement, and we understand that they raised the issue with their tenant and that the various plants and garden furniture from the Severnside Housing countryside have since been removed. Your tenant can only continue to live in your home if you have a lease there. We sold and leased the final property in our flagship 40 house project at Curlew Meadows in Baschurch and brought in an additional £800,000 in income to subside the provision of more affordable housing. “It appears that my plants are breaching the terms of the inheritance contract between him and Severnside, please check your lease. Most agreements allow you to accommodate a subtenant, but you must first ask permission from us. It`s up to you and in your agreement with your tenant. Maybe you`d like to check the local newspaper or to get an idea of what other people around you are calculating. In this section you will find a lot of useful information about the attitude of a pet on how to end your rental, as well as a copy of your tenants` manual. It is really important that you understand your lease and the services we offer. If you accept your tenant, it`s a good idea to write an agreement or license that you both sign and accept.

Make sure you don`t offer your tenant more security than they are entitled to. Our journey through 2017-18 begins with highlights and stories about our colleagues before showing significant successes for our housing companies Severnside Housing and South Staffordshire Housing Association.